I cannot say enough positive things about Lori Thomas Bryant. After looking up many other designers, I knew Lori was the perfect person for our project based on her background. Her reviews from previous clients are extremely accurate. Lori was professional and her attention to detail was incredible. Based on what we were trying to achieve, she provided us with a realistic budget as to what it would cost to complete the entire project. Lori provided architectural and lighting plans, full design/finish selections for EVERY room in our home. She assisted me in selecting tile, plumbing fixtures, paint colors and lighting. The design of my home is very consistent and it flows beautifully. I did not realize how important that plan was until we were knee deep into our renovation and we had to terminate our contractor. We were able to take Lori’s drawings and the design selection plan to any subcontractor and they had all of the information that they needed to execute the plan. If they did not have a full understanding, Lori was willing to speak with them directly. With the design plan in hand and Lori’s drawings, we were able to complete our renovation on our own. Lori helped me to create a beautiful home that we love. From start to finish, we felt we were in very good hands with Lori. I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking about performing any type of renovation.

– Houzz: teugere

Never having built a house, my husband and I were clueless in where to begin. Lori at plan+design was the ideal starting point. She patiently listened to our wants, needs and desires and, over a few meetings, designed our dream home. Lori took our wish list, along with a jumbled pile of pictures, and gave us the plans for a timeless home. The floor plan and elevations are exactly what we envisioned. She always kept our budget in the forefront and encouraged savings where possible. I highly recommend Lori and her company!

– Houzz: Amanda Black

Lori is both creative and practical. Our latest project involved restoration and decoration of a small cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. The place was small and I was worried that after furnishings it would appear even smaller, but it’s amazing how beautifully she transformed the place into a cozy, mountain retreat suitable for vacation rentals in only a few months.

Lori knows design, she knows materials, she knows about the big things like load bearing walls and s-traps for your plumbing, and she knows the little things too, like the warmth of incandescent lighting or a cute little hook by the side of the door for your keys. On this latest project, Lori coordinated literally everything, from bathroom and tile renovations to new door-knobs, landscaping and water drainage, and complete outfitting of the place with furniture, televisions, and a workable kitchen.

Lori knows how to deal with contractors. She knows how to find them, interview them, get them to quote (and stick to their quote) and she knows how to track on delivery. Lori knows “how the car works”, so when contractors come to her with a problem, she can solution alternatives along with them collaboratively and this gives her a credibility that earns her respect and translates in to high quality, on time project for you.

On this project alone, she’s lined-up and supervised electricians, roofers, landscape architects and plumbers. I didn’t have to do a thing! She got multiple quotes and managed the budget, providing detailed and comprehensive accounting of every single expense. I never felt gouged or uninformed or overwhelmed at any time. Everything was always, totally under control. The trust and skill and creative talent that she brings to any project will help you create something truly beautiful and give you confidence and restful nights not just after it’s all done, but all the way through as well. I am really grateful to Lori and wouldn’t even invest in projects like this without her.

– Houzz: mrjbj

I would strongly recommend Lori to anyone looking to renovate or plan/design an update to their home. Lori was the ultimate professional from the very beginning, from the initial communication to her, where she responded the same day, to the day to day project management and then to cap it all was the leasing agent and found a tenant within 2 days. The project was completed on budget and was ready 3 weeks ahead of the scheduled completion date. All along the way Lori kept me informed of progress through email, text, etc sending me pictures and progress reports. I never at any time had to concern myself with anything. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the finished product.

– Houzz: Pollock

The best decision I made in the process of renovating my kitchen was to hire plan+design’s Lori Thomas Bryant. From our initial consultation, it was clear she is an experienced professional who would respect my own taste, schedule and budget. Lori was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of this rather large and complex project. She developed a detailed time-line for all involved, and managed to keep everyone on track, scheduling and confirming with each team (demolition, carpentry, flooring, electricians, masons,
cabinetry, plumbing, etc.) what their specific responsibilities were, exact times & dates to show on the job, and projected completion dates. Lori held each to high professional standards, recalling some as needed to correct or re-do their work. She communicated well with me and with all of the professionals involved; there was no confusion about costs or responsibilities. The amount of time she spent at my home, directly engaging with the different craftsmen, was more than I’d expected. The quality of service I received from plan+design was well worth the fee; in fact, Lori went above and beyond my expectations. Example: she personally visited the “stone cutters” showroom to select the huge granite slabs used on counters and one wall. As a result, these pieces (which were part of her vision for my kitchen) are free of flaws and discolorations, the “veins” match up to flow over the counter edges, and are just stunning. Photos of my sleek, white, contemporary kitchen might be on plan+design’s website by the time I write this (it was designed by Lori Bryant, who has beautiful taste, style, and “vision” for a given space, but who also encouraged my input and was always available for consultation).
This project had some bumps in the road, but thankfully plan+design was able to mitigate them. The overall experience was far better than I’d expected, and I am truly pleased with the outcome. I think the difference between this renovation and others with which I have been involved is that this project manager/designer is extremely competent, conscientious, and invested in bringing in a quality project to a satisfied homeowner.

– Houzz: Debora Hartzell

We have been working with Lori on a variety of different projects for several months now, and would highly recommend her to anyone doing home renovations. Her scope of service is diverse, which is one of the reasons we chose to work with her over other design companies. We needed an architect to draw plans for our projects, an interior/exterior designer to guide us with style and design, and a real estate professional who knows the market in our area so we don’t out-price ourselves by doing too much to our home. Lori does all of this for us.

We love Lori not just for her design and style talents but because she’s honest with us and keeps us on a reasonable budget. If we’re going overboard, she pulls us back in. If we choose something that doesn’t match the architectural design of our home, she points us in the right direction. If a choice is too overwhelming for us, like when we were trying to decide on an exterior paint scheme, she narrowed it down to a couple of color schemes. She texts us or calls us back right away. Her pricing is more than reasonable for the work she does for us. We absolutely love Lori and she has been a vital, and perhaps most important, part of our home projects. We will not do another project without her.

– Houzz: M. Flynn

Lori was fantastic on our 1964 ranch-style home remodel. She turned the traditional ranch with separate formal living room/dining room and kitchen/den area into an open beautiful showcase. Her vision has made our place a home that we still can’t believe is the same house. She has an eye for even the smallest of details and took into the design the way we live and wanted to use the space. The single most important factor to know is that whenever someone walks into our house (whether they have been here before or not), they automatically want to know how to contact Lori for their home.

– Houzz: Chris B / Carla W

Lori Bryant of Plan + Design designed and oversaw the remodeling of my ranch house. The wall between the den and living room was removed and the ceiling raised to make a great room. A bedroom was sacrificed to make a master bath and walk-in closet. Two other baths and the kitchen were renovated. The devil is in the details on such a project and Lori did a great job in the planning phase. Everything was written down and costs were estimated. The estimates proved to be fairly accurate. Lori was very pleasant to work with, letting me choose my level of participation in the decision making. Generally what worked for us was that she offered me several choices from which to pick, whether it was floor plans or plumbing fixtures. This was perfect for one who does not like to shop and is easily overwhelmed by too many choices. But for me the best part of her service was that she dealt with the contractor, working out the few problems that arose and holding them to a higher level of performance than I would have.

– Houzz: PageHS

Lori is an excellent person to collaborate with on projects. Her breadth of knowledge in real estate, architecture and construction makes her a valuable member of any project team. She is also highly detailed and organized. Lori is the consummate professional.

– Houzz: Jud Griggs

Lori is very detailed, and always has the customer’s best interest in mind. She has great ideas, and is extremely knowledgeable about not only design but the building process. I have worked with Lori on many projects, and would recommend her to anyone in need of design help.

– Houzz: Keystone Millworks


Lori helped us bring our vision to life with our first restaurant opening. It has not only been a pleasure to work with Lori professionally, but also to develop a friendship that I’m sure will last for years to come. We would be happy to speak with anyone who is looking to do work with Lori and talk about our journey.

– Houzz: Dawn Hall, Happy Belly Kitchen, Cumming

Lori is a highly competent designer, organizer and expediter, who is energetic and positive in demeanor. I would trust her with the highest level of tasks. She is a proven leader and would be a king pin for any firm fortunate enough to engage her.

– LinkedIn: Lew Oliver, Whole Town Solutions, Atlanta

Lori works hard to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Lori is a personable individual with a strong work ethic, extensive expertise in Interior Design, and a tremendous skill set….I highly recommend her.

– Pam Sessions, President at Hedgewood Properties, Atlanta

I experienced the exceptional talent of Lori’s design work first hand while visiting several successful communities in the surrounding area. When we decided to create a new development in Johns Creek I wanted that same experience for our product and requested Lori’s services. As it turned out, her ability to exceed my design expectations was only the beginning of what Lori would provide for us. Lori brought with her a total business solution…there was no guesswork in building a beautiful quality home… As a great designer with a project managers mind, Lori can be counted on to deliver a much more comprehensive, coordinated, attractive product, when we need it, at a great value, keeping us on track along the way. Lori has been TERRIFIC to work with and has become an invaluable member of our team.

– LinkedIn: Chad Kee, Builder at Amburgy Properties, Cumming

In 2006 we engaged Lori for the design of several residential communities. Lori’s creativity, organization and commitment to excellence are unparalleled. Lori developed a beautiful, award winning model home for us as well as many custom designed and contract homes. Her designs brought notable attention to our homes with her innovative, modern and beautifully coordinated interiors. Lori was instrumental in the development of our standard and upgraded features program and worked seamlessly with vendors to establish our product and pricing standards. She thoughtfully recommended changes to improve our home designs…Lori’s architectural vision, attention to detail, and customer interaction directly impacted the success of our communities and our home buyers’ satisfaction. We are so please with the quality of the design of the design services we have received and appreciate Lori’s professionalism and unique skill set. Lori has been a joy to work with and a valuable asset to our team.

– Mike Sanders, President, Fidelis Signature Homes

Lori’s sophisticated and analytical approach to design bring great success. Her passion is unmistakable in her tastes and presentation. She brings creative shape to both single focus and multi tiered projects. Her knowledge of product and product application is remarkable. She brings more than just surface design, she brings insight!

– LinkedIn: JR McDowell, Builder, Alpharetta

Lori Bryant headed Hedgewood Properties Design Operations. While at Hedgewood she designed our premier design center in “Vickery” our award winning mixed use development complete with living center. Lori brought many progressive ideas to our company and operations and hired some top-notch designers as part of her team. Our homeowners’ needs were better served with many of the improvements made to our design operations. If you are looking for a Designer with impeccable taste or someone to manage your design operations you will be served well to meet your needs.

– LinkedIn: Pedro Paulette, Builder & Realtor, Marietta


Lori Thomas Bryant is the consummate professional. She is one of the best structural designers, construction project managers and real estate agents in the nation. I really mean this. You simply cannot go wrong by working with her and I consider myself lucky to have found her here on Houzz.

She helped us remodel our old home “just the right amount” for resale, while also guiding us through the process of purchasing a new home nearby. She has a microscopic attention to detail that will amaze you. (This helps catch mistakes early, before they happen and thus lowers costs both for you and the builder). Her encyclopedic knowledge of style helps her discern what you like even if you can’t articulate it clearly (and also teaches you how to put your design preferences into words that everyone else can understand.). Her project management style is proactive, thorough and efficient. Her advocacy on behalf her clients is tenacious – she negotiates tactfully but strong with suppliers and watches project budget like it’s her own money she’s spending.

After working with Lori, I now know what “good looks like” and there is simply no way I would ever try to plan or manage a construction project without someone like her involved. I don’t do reviews very much but I am so very pleased I feel the world should be able to benefit as much as I. Thanks!

– Houzz: Mrjbj, Woodstock

Knowledgeable. Conscientious. Hardworking…are the first of many words that come to mind when I think of Lori. I’ve now had 2 very positive experiences with Lori Bryant. The first was years ago designing our home, and most recently as a Realtor.

When I learned she was a Realtor, I didn’t hesitate to choose her to sell our home. For as kind as she is, she was also a tough negotiator. I recommend her every chance I get, because she’s just that good.

– Zillow: N. Stennett, Cumming

Lori is an expert in her field and I consider her a trusted adviser. Her background as a Project Manager and Design Director gives her the skill set to set her clients up for success. Part of her services as my listing agent included staging my home. She spent an entire weekend staging my home (at no additional charge to me) before activating the listing. On May 5th, Lori listed my home and in 5 days on the market we received an offer (100% per fmls) and closed on June 10th. She was most helpful during the inspection phase by offering a list of qualified vendors that were affordably priced to correct the few items found by the home inspector. On move-out day, the trash removal company was a “no show” but Lori jumped in and found another company to remove all the trash/debris prior to the walk-through inspection. She truly goes above and beyond! I was so impressed that I recommended Lori to my neighbor and she has listed the home and it is under contract. We are now looking to purchase another home and we have retained Lori as our agent. I highly recommend working with Lori if you have the opportunity.

– Zillow: Nancy W, Cumming

Lori is excellent! Thorough and thoughtful in her marketing approach, she showcased our home in a way it got noticed and sold quickly. Patient and calm during the rough patches, Lori keeps a cool head and goes above and beyond to get the job done. She even vacuumed my whole house the night before we closed.

– Zillow: T. Dempsey, Cumming

Lori was responsible for the complete refurbishing of my house which is 20 years old and needed to compete with the new housing market. The house is 7,000 square feet. Her assignment included picking all new colors, carpet, kitchen appliances, countertops, etc. She also completely redesigned the master bathroom. The house is receiving great reviews from potential buyers and the agent community. “Looks like a new house” is the usual comment. She also overlooked the construction which took 4 months. Her outstanding efforts have increased the value of the house and I am sure will shorten the time for a sale. Thank you Lori!

– Houzz: R. Rowland, GA

Lori’s attention to detail and follow up is unparalleled. She tries to anticipate issues and solve them before they become problems. Her knowledge of construction, design, decorating and the real estate market all contribute to her effectiveness, I would highly recommend her as a buyer’s and/or seller’s agent.

– Zillow: Debbie Voboril, Cumming


Lori managed a group of interior designers for a major U.S. Government Headquarters Building in Atlanta. Knowledgeable in her discipline, poised in meetings, prepared with her subject matter, and timely was she. I would want to work with her on other projects.

– LinkedIn: David Cark , Architect at NIOSH, Centers for Disease & Control (CDC)

Lori has great attention to detail and never lets anything slip through the cracks. As a Senior Project Manager, she is qualified to take on almost any project.

– LinkedIn: Doug Sharp, President, Corporate Solutions at JLL

“Lori’s performance as a project manager and team lead was exemplary. Her experience, technical knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism were major strengths that attributed to her success here at Sun. I always considered Lori an invaluable asset to the group, however, it wasn’t until her departure that I realized how good she really was! We’re still looking for someone to truly replace her.”

– P. Tipton, Sun Microsystems Real Estate Program Manager

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